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Costs Have Increased - water and sewer typically make up 30% of commercial utility costs. Inaccurate Readings - STOP PAYING FOR AIR! Water meters are currently reading air pockets as water volume accounting for, in some instances, 30% of your total water bill.

Average Increase Of 5% Annually - as water and sewer infrastructure deteriorates, capital investments required to modernize the system translates in your water bill. $100k a month today will increase to $160k a month within 10 years.<br /> Water Meters - 99% of water meters cannot distinguish between air and water.

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    General Questions

    Water and Sewer Costs have increased approximately 70% since 2010 in over 50 major cities, compared to a 20% increase across other expenses. Not only are water rates on the rise; they are rising substantially faster than all other expenses, including the cost of food.

    Water meters measure the amount of water consumption, correct? The DEP reads your water meter and you’re charged based on total water usage by volume, right? Wrong. The DEP also charges for pockets of air trapped in your lines. You are getting charged by total volume not water, and 99% of all meters out there do not detect the difference.

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