Plumbing Upgrades With Prestige Industry Solutions

Plumbing Upgrades To Make during the Coronavirus

Spring is not just for buying and selling homes, it’s also time for making home improvements, whether you’re looking to sell your home — or stay where you are. Now add in the Coronavirus pandemic, and people have had more time on their hands working from home. Many folks have been renovating, updating, and fixing […]

Saving Water Curb Appeal

Saving Water Without Sacrificing Curb Appeal

Water rates continue to climb more rapidly than any other utility or expense. In fact, over the last ten years they have soared upwards of 70% across the nation. The water rates in New York City alone have skyrocketed. With nearly 40 states anticipating water shortages by the year 2024, the need to conserver water […]

Efficiently Run A Salon

How to Efficiently Run Your Salon or Spa

Plumbing and water usage is critical for any salon or spa. Without ready access to ample amounts of water of the right temperature, a salon or spa wouldn’t last long. And of course, water rates are always a factor. They continue to rise over the last several decades at unprecedented rates. Plumbing Basics First of […]

Water Usage Estimates

Water Usage Estimates Across Businesses and Industries

Below are rough water usage estimates so that businesses might build an understanding as it pertain to water usage. The Hydro Route Water Confinement system can help you save on your monthly water bill in any industry. FACILITY/ASSSET CLASS Amount of Water Used Apartment Buildings: 150-200 gallons/unit Barber Shops: 55 gallons/day/per chair Beauty Salons: 270 […]


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