Golf Course Irrigation

29 Dec. 20

Save Monthly on Golf Course Irrigation with the Hydro Route Water Confinement System

Golf Courses across the United States soak over two billion gallons of water per day for irrigation. That’s about 130,000 gallons per day per course, according to theUSGA. 

And as a response to new mandates over the last decade and shifting attitudes toward sustainability, golf courses, too, have made ‘greener’ efforts. The golf industry uses a substantial amount of water, and as a result continue to make courses more sustainable with new irrigation technologies, new types of grass, and other eco-friendly efforts.

Reducing Water Use and Costs on Golf Courses Hydro Route

Few golf courses have the ability to access well-water to irrigate their greens. In fact, many of them still must turn to municipal water supplies. Additionally, due to the inherently flawed way in which the DEP measures water, billions of gallons of water are wasted annually — along with billions of dollars. Water rates have climbed upwards of 70% over the last ten years.

Hydro Route’s Water Confinement system featuring Smart Valve mitigates this problem. It can cut your monthly water bill by nearly 25% for large commercial properties like golf courses. Water and sewer bills continue to soar year over year, increasing nearly 70% since 2010, compared to a 20% increase across other expenses and utilities, including food.  

The patented technology of the Smart Valve Hydro Route Water Confinement System compresses air in the piping, eliminating its volume before it reaches the water meter. The meter no longer measures water and air, only water. And you pay significantly less for the same water usage. 

Excessive Air in Pipes is a Two-Fold Problem

Smart Valve reduces the amount of air in the water – within the piping – so it also effectively slows down the process of corrosion on your irrigation system infrastructure, i.e. valves, piping, and any metal components in the system exposed to air. 

Even if water conservation is not at the core of your interest (because you have access to well water or a natural body), the Hydro Route Water Confinement System is a wise investment! The Smart Valve helps you avoid avoid costly repairs by reducing the corrosion process as it eliminates air from your water delivery systems. 

Smart Valve becomes an addition to your existing preventative maintenance program. An insurance policy against costly and unplanned downtime and repairs.

Smart Valve and the Hydro Route Water Confinement System.

According to the USGA, it is estimated there are over 1.5 million acres of maintained turfgrass (greens, tees, fairways, rough) on golf facilities across the United States. An estimated 1.2 million acres or 80% of maintained turfgrass is irrigated. From 2001-2005, an estimated total of 31,877 acres of irrigated turfgrass were added to existing golf facilities in the U.S, the greatest net gain in irrigated acreage.

While 46% of golf courses use water from on-site wells, many rely on water for not only irrigation, but clubhouses, restaurants, showers, and facilities – and only about 15% have the ability to use recycled water.

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