The Hydro Route Water Confinement Sytem

Smart Valves

The Smart Valve is a patented, USA made device that is installed on the user side of your incoming water line that creates a steady back pressure through your water meter. This creates a steady flow through your meter, so now the meter will no longer over-spin and you no longer will be charged for pockets of air that pass through the meter! 99% of meters on the market do not recognize the difference between water and air, so they count BOTH as volume! So the Smart Valve is correcting a mistake your meter is making by charging you for both!

Water and Sewer Costs

Key Facts

  1. Costs Have Increased – Water and sewer typically make up 30% of commercial utility costs.
  2. Inaccurate Readings – STOP PAYING FOR AIR! Water meters are currently reading air pockets as water volume accounting for, in some instances, 30% of your total water bill.
  3. Average Increases of 5% Annually – As water and sewer infrastructures deteriorates, capital investments required to modernize the system translates to increases in your water bill. $100k a month today will increase to $160k a month in 10 years
  4. Water Meters – 99% of existing water meters cannot distinguish between water and air.



The Smart Valve is designed to be installed on the USER side of the water meter. Installation should be performed by a licensed plumber. Smart Valve is a “Set It and Forget It” device. No maintenance, no operational costs, and it comes with a 10 year warranty.

Reduce Your Water Bill

Smart Valve’s patented Variable Flow Control process eliminates water meter inaccuracy and excessive water consumption.


Valves are available in all standard plumbing sizes. The valve is made in double flanged and double threaded configurations according to your system pipe size.

What Clients Are Saying

Our savings were reported by fiscal to be 24.9%. This amounts to a savings of $12,600 a year.

― Bruce A. Brandt, Director Property Management & Construction

After installing the Smart Valve, our current water bills have been reduced by over 50%. Our current water usage now ranges from $2,000 – $4,000 a month.

― James Whitney, President TRC Management Co.

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