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14 Dec. 20

Smart Valve: Because You Need to Be Smart About Water

While upgrading your water heater to a more efficient tank can help you conserve water and cut down on your water bill, Smart Valve is by far the smartest tool every homeowner and commercial property owner should invest in. Everyone is looking for ways to save money on their utility bills, namely their monthly water bills. As we all know, water rates continue to rise year after year; they will certainly not be decreasing.  

When the DEP reads the customer’s water meter, the customer is not only charged based on total water usage by volume, they are also charged for pockets of air trapped in the lines. The customer is being charged by total volume not water, and 99% of all meters out there do not detect the difference. In fact, as much as 30% of the customer’s water bill is reflective of air.  

Smart Valve for the Homeowner and the Commercial Property Investor

Smart Valve is ideal for multifamily properties, manufacturing, irrigation, car washes, medical and healthcare facilities, and not-for-profit organizations, commercial tenants, and even home owners

Smart Valve is one of the smartest choices for residential and commercial property owners can make. The customer is conserving water, saving on their monthly utility expenses, and those savings will add up tremendously. In fact, the average savings for customers is 23% off their current water bill.

What is Smart Valve?

The Smart Valve is a patented device that is made in the USA and installed on the user side of the customer’s incoming water line. This creates a steady back pressure through their water meter. Without the meter ‘over-spinning,’ customers will no longer get charged for pockets of air passing through their meter. Smart Valve has a variable-flow control process which will eliminates water-meter inaccuracy and excessive water consumption. Smart Valve offers a 90-day money-back guarantee and a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Key Facts About Water Costs

Water and sewer bills are soaring. Both water and sewer costs have increased nearly 70% since 2010, compared to a 20% increase across other expenses. In fact, in fiscal year 2019-2020, both water and sewer rates increased 4% and 8%, respectively. It is projected that a building spending $10,000 a month today on water — will be spending $16,000 a month within 10 years — and that’s only projected at a 5% average increase per year!

How does the Smart Valve Work?

The Smart Valve compresses air, eliminating its volume before it reaches the water meter – the meter no longer measures it, so you pay significantly less for the same water usage. 

Valve Specifications

Valves are available in all standard plumbing sizes. The valve is made in double-flanged and double threaded (female NPT) configurations according to your pipe size. 

The Installation

The Smart Valve is designed to be installed on the user side of the water meter. All installations will be handled by Prestige Plumbing. All valve’s come with a 90-day money-back guarantee and a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. 

National Brands Currently Saving Money With The Smart Valve

A number of major national brands are satisfied with their purchase of Smart Valve including Holiday Inn; Days Inn; Lowe’s; OHM Hotels; Hyatt; Abbott; Marriott; DoubleTree Hotel; Outback Steakhouse; Hampton Inn; Roche, and Best Western.

Client Testimonials . . . 

“I am writing to tell you the results of our Fiscal Department’s audit. After five full months of use with the Smart Valve in place, our savings were reported by Fiscal to be 24.9%, a savings of $12,600 at this building. This represents a one-year payback period. I have to say that this audit result is among the clearest and most beneficial savings initiatives I’ve ever been involved with. As a result, we will be evaluating all of the 22 buildings for Smart Valve installation. I am attaching the audit spreadsheet, as well as the rate and usage printouts taken right off the NYC DEP website.”

Bruce A. Brandt

Met Council

New York, NY

“Highland Towers’ monthly water has ranged from $8,000 – $13,000 per month over the last year. months. After installing the Smart Valve, our current water bills have been reduced by over 50%, now ranging from $2,000 – $5,000 per month.”

Justin Whitney, ROCO Real Estate

Highland Towers Highrise Apartment Building, Southfield Michigan. 

What can the customer expect? 

Installations will be booked by appointment. Typical residential installations should take approximately 2 hours, while commercial applications should take between 2-4 hours. All installations require that the water main to be shut off; some installations may require a pre-installation inspection. 

Smart Valve Offers a Shared Savings Program

Prestige Industry Solutions offers Shared Savings for its customers. The customer will be eligible for two types of installations.

  1. Purchase & Install Program – This program is generally reserved for the smaller customers such as homeowners. You will be provided with a price sheet for the valve and installation based on the water main size. As sales reps you will be entitled to a percentage of the total sale which will be defined in your sales contract. 
  1. The entire cost of the valve, installation and materials shall be paid entirely by Prestige Industry Solutions. The customer will have no out of pocket expense. This program is reserved for large-volume customers only. The customer will then pay Prestige Industry Solutions based on the realized savings on each quarterly bill. For this program the customer will pay 50% of the savings for a 10-year period.