Water Usage Estimates

21 Jan. 21

Water Usage Estimates Across Businesses and Industries

Below are rough water usage estimates so that businesses might build an understanding as it pertain to water usage. The Hydro Route Water Confinement system can help you save on your monthly water bill in any industry.


Apartment Buildings: 150-200 gallons/unit

Barber Shops: 55 gallons/day/per chair

Beauty Salons: 270 gallons per day/per chair

Bowling Alleys: 75 gallons of water per lane

Country Club: 100 gallons a day/per resident

Factories with shower: 35 gallons per shift

Factories without shower: 25 gallons per shift

Laundromats – Coin Operated: 2.17 gpd/sq. ft.

Laundry Operations – Commercial: .253 gpd/sq. ft.

Farms (per one animal):

Cow (dairy): 15 gallons a day

Farms Hog: 4 gallons per day

Farms Horse: 12 gallons per day

Farms Steer: 12 gallons per day

Farms Chicken: (100) 10 gallons daily

Farms Turkey: (100) 18 gallons per day


Hospitals: 250 gallons/bed

Nursing Homes & Assisted Living Facilities: 100 gallon/bed per day


Hotels: .256 gpd/sq ft

Motels: 100 gallons per unit

Movie Theatres: 2 gallons per seat

Office Building: 20 gallons per employee

Retail stores: .160gpd/sq. ft.

Trailer Parks/Mobile Homes: 100 gallons per space

Boilers: to determine daily make up in gallons

  • Multiply boiler horse power by 4.25
  • Then multiply (1) by hours per day operation
  • Then multiply by the % operating rating
  • Then subtract the % of condensate return

Cooling Towers : to determine daily make up in gallons

  • Multiply the tonnage by 4. (This includes 2 gal.(7.6 liter)/hour/ton evaporation and 2 gal (7.6 liter)/hour/ton bleed off}.
  • Then multiply (1) by the hours per day operation.

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